Online Dating: How to Detect an Online Dating Scam

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How Women Can Detect an Online Dating Scam
With the advent of modern technology, people from different countries can get to chat with one another, make friends and date online. Some people have been lucky enough to find true love on online dating while some have had their hearts broken and their wallets and bank accounts emptied.
Here are some ways for ladies to detect an online scam:
Money Talk
Online scammers target single women in their late 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. They target older ladies because they think that older women are easier to scam and because older women are believed to more desperate for love and attention. These scammers will say anything to get you to fall in love with them; Some will say the nicest things to you and send you a million messages every single day.
After they have you where they want you, they will go in for the kill. He will say things like “I want you to be the mother of my kids, but you have to be patient so that I can make enough money to come over to your country and marry you.” The trick is, they will secretly hope that you would offer to pay part or all of the travel expenses (unfortunately most women offer to cover all their travel expenses) as soon as the scammer gets his hands on the money, you’ll never hear from him again. If your online date implies (albeit subtly) that he is broke or financially challenged, run!
Watch Out For Pathetic Stories
They tell you pathetic stories all in a bid to evoke pity from you. He will fill you with sad stories (mostly made-up), to get you to (willingly) help them out with some cash to cover the cost of their immediate expenses. These men will take advantage of the fact that most women are emotional and are easily swayed by sad stories.
He’s Always Online
Scammers are always online; they are always available for you to chat with them at any time. Understand this; online date scammers see scamming unsuspecting women as a business or career of some sort, they will devote their time to woo you and make sure they gain your trust. Come to think of it, why on earth would someone spend so much of their time chatting online, doesn’t he have a life?

The only way to avoid being scammed is simply observing and exercising caution when you choose to date online. If your date keeps subtly hinting that he has financial troubles, this is your cue to beat it! Some of these scammers are pretty smart and would fool you into thinking that giving them money is your idea. Many of them use fake names, pictures, and locations. They also impersonate foreign emigrants by pretending that they are working with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) that help poor African children and ask you to contribute generously to their cause.

A typical scammer pretending to be a foreigner will never give you his cell phone number to contact him because you would be able to tell from his accent that he is not what he claims to be. If you ask him for his cell phone number and he gives you excuses, you should know simply put him on your blocker list!