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“Just because we are magic, doesn’t mean that we’re not real.”

The recent events of police brutality, have left my heart very heavy. It has left me angry. It has left me sad. It has left me paralyzed with despair for my universal brothers and sisters. I have watched post after post, meme after meme, tweet after tweet on the recent events. I have stood paralyzed in the wings unable to contribute to any of my social platforms. What could I say that had not already been said? How do I go back to playing the Instagram game of ’Look at My Perfect Life’ when people are dying at the hands of public servants? I felt very wrong to post about a cute outfit, a nice lunch table, or anything superficial. Posting a meme geared towards anti-racism seemed too minuscule of an actions against the matter at hand. Marching and then going home is not going to solve these issues.

The current times call for action-action against systematic oppression. So what have I vowed to do to take [my spot] of public ownership? I have vowed to be more conscious on my social platforms. I have vowed to extend my social platform to include a YouTube channel that inspires people, preferably young women ages 18-35 to take ownership on the direction of their lives-allowing their inner voice to be heard. In addition to being a Chair for The American Cancer Society, I vow to take part in projects geared more towards Activism. I vow to promote the same in the months ahead. I have been guilty of ego consumption, but I vow to do better.