No Name Shorts


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I have an obsession with shorts and anything fringe. So I paired my fringe jacket from Nordstrom’s line called “Hinge” that I like with my favorite short shorts. These shorts in particular always make me smile, because we have a love and hate history that dates back 10 years. Overtime its worn away with rips. I have had them for so long, that the inside tag is gone, so I have no idea who even made them.

I have tried to throw them away many times, but at the last minute I always end up rescuing them from the grave. It just never felt right to let them go. Overtime they’ve become a part of me. They tell me when I have gained weight and when I need to take better care of myself. On some days they make me feel sexy and on others they say mean things to me. It’s usually on those days I fling them to the corner and debate our separation. I think everybody has that one clothing item that overtime becomes more like a second skin and less like a textile. My ‘No Name’ short shorts are mine.


Brown Suede Fringe Jacket

Jacket 1

Jacket 2


Shorts 1

Shorts 2